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Washburn AFS International Club

AFS Welcomes Seven Students to Washburn for the 

2015-2016 School Year 


Six Washburn families have opened their homes this year to students from the AFS program. AFS's mission is to work toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities through a global volunteer partnership. There are students still waiting to be placed. Please call Lynn Adams at 715-373-2618 or Lisa Abeles-Allison at 715-209-4955 if you are interested in hosting this year.

Carita Frangen
Staying with Heidi
& Tim King Family
Dhani Lubis
Staying with the 
Abeles-Allison Family
Isabelle Kerstens

Staying with
Rachel Floran Family

Paloma Wanke
Staying with the
Beta Bodin Family

Ulysse Corre
Staying with Donna
& Greg Fischer Family
Yumi Tsuchiya
Staying with Wendy
Shields Family


Nabil NurAdha
Staying with Joe and
Christine See family



AFS Hosting Links

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Become a Host Family with AFS

Now's The Time to Welcome an Exchange Student!
We are getting ready to select students for the 2016-17 School Year!

Sharing daily life with a teenager from another country and culture is a rich and rewarding experience, and it's a wonderful way to bring more understanding into the world. If you've ever thought about welcoming an exchange student into your home and family, now's the time to learn more.

AFS, the leading international high school student exchange program, needs families in our community to host high school students. All kinds of families can host: two-parent households with young children or teenagers, single-parent families, families with adopted children, foster parents, as well as couples and single people who do not have children or who have grown children. One of the most important characteristics of a host family is being eager and excited to share your life and activities while providing the same kind of care, support, and comfort as you would to your own child or family members.

To find out more about hosting, submit a Host Family Interest Form

Chequamegon AFS supports families in the Ashland, Washburn Bayfield, Mellen, South Shore, Northwestern and Drummond school districts. Host families are needed for the 2015-16 school year. Please contact Lisa Abeles Allison at labeles-allison@afsusa.org or Lynn Adams at ladams1055@gmail.com to get the process started.