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Shiny Knights Recycling

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Shiny Knights

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Shiny Knights Recycling

The Shiny Knights Recycling Program was created by the Special Education Department at Washburn High School to help students gain skills needed to be successful. In this program, the students have been involved in ordering recycling bins and distributing them in the school and to local businesses. They collect the shiny paper from these places and bring it to a recycling center in Duluth, MN, collecting 10 cents for each pound of paper. Students use the money earned to gain needed life skills such as purchasing items, ordering and eating at a restaurant, or donating to someone in need. The Shiny Knights Program is a great example of how we use instructional methods to meet the unique needs of our students.

Anyone wishing to drop off shiny materials may do so in the two large blue bins located near the garage at the High School (on Third Avenue West between Third and Fourth Streets) or bring them in to Langford Pharmacy in Washburn.  


Thank you!

Deb Diamond (715) 373-6188 ext. 140

Kim Lee (715) 373-6188 ext. 161