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Abel, Linsey Alg. 1, Alg. 2, Pre-Calc, AP Stats, AP Calculus
Adams, Lynn Webmaster
Alldritt, Vicki Paraprofessional
Augustyn, Sean Biology, Aquaponics, Ecology, MD Term, Forensics Science
Buckley, Shane Social Studies/Athletics/Baseball Coach
Coleman, Jamie Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Robotics, Project Engineering, Zoology
Collins, Sheree Physical Education/Health Education, Cross Country Coach
Dandeneau, David Information Technology Director
Dax, Evelynn
Diamond-Nepstad, Deb CD Resource Room
Earing, Patrick Alg Readiness, Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2, Tech Math, Tech Ed.
Eskola, Paula Personal Finance, Accounting, Information Processing, Management, Marketing, Introduction to Business, Advanced Office Procedures Duties, Assistant Track Coach, Business Education Volunteers Advisor
Grimm, Andrew HS Social Studies/Asst. Football Coach/ MS Football Coach/ MS Track/ NHS Advisor
Hawbaker, Kathryn MS Secretary/Counseling Secretary
Hay, Art Tutor
Heglund, Shellie District Administrative Assistant
Jardine, Doug School Psychologist
Kichak, Noelle Speech and Language
Kirsten, Olaf English/College English, Vocational English, English 10, Boys and Girls Head Soccer Coach
Kochevar, Greta Family and Consumer Sciences/Green and Healthy Coordinator
Kozeneski, Janet District Bookkeeper
Nelson, Gina SPED
Olson, Zachary Choral Music
Peacock, Jennifer Special Education Teacher
Pierce, Brittanie MS/HS School Counselor
Pipgras, Laura Paraprofessional
Radtke, Kathleen English/English 11, English 9, Alpine Ski Team Coach, Forensics Coach
Reed, Beth Spanish and French Teacher, Cross Country Coach, AFS International Club Advisor, 4HCANSKI Nordic Club Advisor
Scribner, Lisa Elementary Secretary
Seppa, Rick Instrumental Music: MS Band, HS Band, History Rock & Roll, Popular Music in the 20th Century, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Lessons, Music Composition and Songwriting
Tetzner, Kristin Visual Art & Design
Wiatr, Thomas District Administrator/Director of Special Education/Pupil Services